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Proceedings of the 10th Annual Baška GNSS Conference

Proceedings of the 10th Annual Baška GNSS Conference, Rijeka: Kraljevski institut za navigaciju, London & Pomorski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci, 2017 (zbornik)

Proceedings of the 10th Annual Baška GNSS Conference

Kos, Serđo ; Filjar, Renato ; Brčić, David

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Kraljevski institut za navigaciju, London & Pomorski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci






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Navigation is a science, a skill, but principally the way of life. Enhanced with the ingenious invention of the late Sir Arthur C Clarke, it is mostly practiced as the satellite one in modern times. Still, the satellite navigation is prone to many error sources and the other causes of satellite navigation performance and operation disruptions, rendering satellite navigation, now a global enabling technology, particularly vulnerable. Recognising a raising problem with potentially disastrous effects on technology and business, a group of satellite navigation specialists and enthusiasts gathered ten years ago in Baška, Krk Island, Croatia to discuss the challenges and prepare the answers. This gathering originated what was called GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference series, later re- branded to the Annual Baška GNSS Conference. Organised on behalf of The Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN, London, UK), the conference series has immediately found its place on the global map of GNSS activities, along with the names of Washington, Moscow, Beijing, San Francisco, Bruxelles, Portland, Sankt Petersburg and Shanghai – to name just a handful. A tiny little town on the Adriatic island of Krk, former sailors' village and now a famous holiday resort, has started to attract GNSS specialists, scientists, engineers, technology and business developers, policy and strategy developers, users, students, media representatives and general audience. And those who came for the first time have continued to do so. Prof J David Last, FRIN (then-President) and Gp Capt David Broughton, FRIN (then-Director) of The Royal Institute of Navigation, London, UK had established the conference series by setting up its substance, aim and course. The tradition has continued with provision of unlimited support to conference series organisation from all the succeeding Presidents (including the current President Capt James B Taylor, FRIN, and the past President Roger A McKinley, FRIN) and Directors Capt Peter Chapman-Andrews and Mr John R Pottle, FRIN). The huge energy flying effortlessly from the 1 Kensington Gore RIN HQ in London has been met in Croatia by a small, but devoted local team of organisers led by Professors Serdjo Kos of Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Rijeka, Tomislav Kos of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, and Hrvoje Gold of Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb. Local community has appreciated a world- class event organised every year in Baška with its traditional hospitality immersed in the unique beauty of the Baška Valley and its Mediterranean atmosphere. Ms Djurdja Daljevac (and later Ms Ivana Topić, her successor) of Hoteli Baška, Ms Majda Šale of Krk Tourist Office, Baška's Mayor Mr Toni Juranić, and Klapa Tramuntana have always done their best in organising fantastic accommodation, supporting social programmes and making every event in the conference series memorable. GNSS operators have recognised the importance of the Annual Baška GNSS Conference series, thus allowing every single one of the events to start with the plenary outlining the most recent developments in GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo/EGNOS system, presented by top officials. It is with honour and delight to remember presentations given by long- standing contributors Mr Robert Crane (USA), Prof Grigory Stupak (Russia), Prof Jingnong Weng (China), Ms Marta Kriwanis- Brzostowska (EU GSA) and many others. With a real global outreach and aiming at development of international co-operation on joint actions on tackling GNSS vulnerabilities and resilient GNSS development, the conference soon attracted the attention of the UN International Committee on GNSS. On behalf of the UN OOSA in Vienna, Austria, Ms Sharafat Gadimova provided a continuous support to the conference organisation and its steering towards the most important subjects at the time. Ms Gadimova's boundless energy devoted to the conference organisation, her informative presentations, and affable personality have opened the room for even larger and more successful international co-operation, and expanded the number highly-qualified contributors to the Annual Baška GNSS Conference. Space weather and ionospheric disturbances have already been recognised as the most serious threats to satellite navigation. Dr Ljiljana Cander of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilbolton, UK brought to the conference's stage a number of space weather scientists, rendering the conference a multi- disciplinary event capable of tackling increasingly complex subjects. Ten years have passed quickly. The conference is now mature, but still evolving towards more enjoyable, informative and result- rich gatherings. It is encouraging and delightful to observe that numerous young GNSS specialists join the conference, with some of them to appear soon in the regular conference proceedings not only as authors, but as the capable and confident experts at the conference's helm, steering it again to Baška. Every year. As usual. The rest is the history, as recorded in proceedings such as this one, you are just reading. We look forward for both the privilege and pleasure of meeting you in Baška in the years to come. (Preface to the 10th International GNSS Baska Conference Proceedings)

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Tehnologija prometa i transport, Interdisciplinarne tehničke znanosti, Informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti


Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka,
Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka,
Fakultet prometnih znanosti, Zagreb


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Proceedings of the 10th Annual Baška GNSS Conference, Rijeka: Kraljevski institut za navigaciju, London & Pomorski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci, 2017 (zbornik)
Kos, S., Filjar, R. & Brčić, D. (ur.) (2017) Proceedings of the 10th Annual Baška GNSS Conference. Rijeka, Kraljevski institut za navigaciju, London & Pomorski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci.
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