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Dental identification of war victims from Petrinja in Croatia

Brkić, Hrvoje; Strinović, Davor; Šlaus, Mario; Škavić, Josip; Zečević, Dušan; Miličević, Miroslav
Dental identification of war victims from Petrinja in Croatia // International journal of legal medicine, 110 (1997), 2; 47-51 doi:10.1007/s004140050029 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Dental identification of war victims from Petrinja in Croatia

Brkić, Hrvoje ; Strinović, Davor ; Šlaus, Mario ; Škavić, Josip ; Zečević, Dušan ; Miličević, Miroslav

International journal of legal medicine (0937-9827) 110 (1997), 2; 47-51

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Teeth; identification; war; vctims; mass graves; tooth; forensic; dentistry
(Teeth; identification; war; victims; mass graves; tooth; forensic; dentistry)

In this paper the authors report their experiences and problems encountered in the identification of war victims from Petrinja in Croatia. Soon after Croatian forces regained Petrinja in 1995, four mass graves were discovered from which the bodies of 46 civilians, 38 males and 8 males, were recovered. Identification of the victims was performed at the Department of Forensic Medicine and Criminology at the School of Medicine in Zagreb. A forensic odonto-stomatologist from the Department of dental Anthropology of the School of Dental medicine at the University of Zagreb participated in the identification process by carrying out dental identifications. A total of 27 victims (59%) were identified, while 19 (41%) are at present still unidentified. Identification by supporative and anthropological evidence (e.g. sex, age, height, personal documents, dress, jewerlly) was achived in 43% of cases, while identification based only on dental records was achived in 16%. The most useful dental characteristics for the purpose of identification were fixed and removable prosthetic appliances for oral rehabilitacion. The reason for the low number of dental identifications was the lack of antemortem dental data which could be compared with postmortem dental records.

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