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Teenagers and the Internet – Age Differences in Risky Behaviour

Opić, Siniša; Đuranović, Marina; Klasnić, Irena
Teenagers and the Internet – Age Differences in Risky Behaviour // Pedagoška obzorja, 31 (2016), (3-4); 142-155 (recenziran, znanstveni rad, znanstveni)

Teenagers and the Internet – Age Differences in Risky Behaviour

Opić, Siniša ; Đuranović, Marina ; Klasnić, Irena

Pedagoška obzorja (0353-1392) 31 (2016), (3-4); 142-155

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Adolescents ; age differences ; risky behaviour on the Internet

The aim of this research was to explore what were the composite variables of manifestations of risky behaviour on the Internet and to what extent they contributed to age discrimination between students of first and third grades of secondary school (ages 15-17). The sample of respondents consisted of 2, 395 students in 18 secondary schools in the Sisak-Moslavina County and Zagreb County (Republic of Croatia). The discriminant analysis in the bootstrapped model resulted in one statistically significant, canonically discriminant function (p F1)=0.0000), which was named Prohibited and irresponsible behaviour. It represents serious prohibited and threatening behaviour on the Internet that can endanger the physical and emotional well-being of teenagers, and in the case of legal sanctioning of such activities on the Internet, leave long-term consequences in their later life. The variables of risky behaviour on the Internet: Legally prohibited conduct and Personally and socially irresponsible behaviour are discriminatory with regards to the respondents’ age.

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Hrvatski studiji, Zagreb,
Učiteljski fakultet, Zagreb

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