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Kinesiology Education - Present and Future

Findak, Vladimir
Kinesiology Education - Present and Future // Croatian Journal of Education-Hrvatski Casopis za Odgoj i obrazovanje, 18 (2016), Suppl. 1; 279-291 doi:10.15516/cje.v18i0.2169 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, ostalo)

Kinesiology Education - Present and Future

Findak, Vladimir

Croatian Journal of Education-Hrvatski Casopis za Odgoj i obrazovanje (1848-5189) 18 (2016), Suppl. 1; 279-291

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Curriculum ; kinesiology ; kinesiology culture ; kinesiology education ; kinesiology teaching methods

Kinesiology, as a substrate science, and its applied fields occupy a special place in response to the negative challenges of modern civilization. This is especially true for kinesiology education and kinesiology teaching methodology, which, as an applied scientific discipline, is subordinate to the field of kinesiology education. Kinesiology readily solves its scientific problems, among which are the ones related to challenges imposed by modern civilization, not just at the substrate science level, but also in its applied fields, including kinesiology education and emphasizing the significant role of kinesiology teaching methodology. For the scientific achievements of kinesiology and kinesiology teaching methodology to be implemented into the theory and practice of kinesiology education, it is necessary to do the following things, among others: 1. Special attention should be paid to the affirmation of kinesiology education, especially through scientific research, on all levels of the educational vertical. 2. Flexible programmes should be implemented to educate professional staff that would meet the requirements of modern education and society's new interests, who will know how to use modern educational technologies and who will have the necessary competences to successfully carry out these activities. 3. It needs to be ensured that the name of the school subject be changed to "Kinesiology culture" in the new school curriculum, that is in the making as we speak. Additionally, the number of teaching hours should be increased so as to achieve congruence with the demands of the Lisbon Strategy, as well as with the new and increasingly more responsible role of this subject, especially as a developmental and compensational means. 4. With the goal of ensuring that we actively provide equal educational opportunities to all the participants in the educational process, kinesiology resources should be used to the greatest possible extent, especially the ones related to modern organizational frameworks, timely planning and programming, efficient implementation of methodological organizational frameworks and work methods, work load and efficient monitoring and evaluation procedures in the field of kinesiology education. Of course, the stated views of the present and future of kinesiology education are not the only ones, on the contrary, they should be taken as one of the possible solutions for a better tomorrow for kinesiology education.

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Kineziološki fakultet, Zagreb

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Vladimir Findak, (99254)

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