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Physics of metabolic organization

Jusup, Marko; Sousa, Tania; Domingos, Tiago; Labinac, Velimir; Marn, Nina; Wang, Zhen; Klanjšček, Tin
Physics of metabolic organization // Physics of life reviews, 20 (2017), 1-39 doi:10.1016/j.plrev.2016.09.001 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Physics of metabolic organization

Jusup, Marko ; Sousa, Tania ; Domingos, Tiago ; Labinac, Velimir ; Marn, Nina ; Wang, Zhen ; Klanjšček, Tin

Physics of life reviews (1571-0645) 20 (2017); 1-39

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Dynamic Energy Budget ; DEB theory ; Conservation laws ; Dissipation ; Reserve ; Structure

Abstract We review the most comprehensive metabolic theory of life existing to date. A special focus is given to the thermodynamic roots of this theory and to implications that the laws of physics—such as the conservation of mass and energy—have on all life. Both the theoretical foundations and biological applications are covered. Hitherto, the foundations were more accessible to physicists or mathematicians, and the applications to biologists, causing a dichotomy in what always should have been a single body of work. To bridge the gap between the two aspects of the same theory, we (i) adhere to the theoretical formalism, (ii) try to minimize the amount of information that a reader needs to process, but also (iii) invoke examples from biology to motivate the introduction of new concepts and to justify the assumptions made, and (iv) show how the careful formalism of the general theory enables modular, self-consistent extensions that capture important features of the species and the problem in question. Perhaps the most difficult among the introduced concepts, the utilization (or mobilization) energy flow, is given particular attention in the form of an original and considerably simplified derivation. Specific examples illustrate a range of possible applications—from energy budgets of individual organisms, to population dynamics, to ecotoxicology.

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Matematika, Fizika, Biologija


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098-0982934-2719 - Ekološko modeliranje za održivo upravljanje resursima (Tarzan Legović, )
HRZZ-IP-2013-11-2202 - Procjena prihvatnog kapaciteta za turiste u zaštićenim područjima prirode (Tarzan Legović, )

Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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