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Marketing digitization projects through social networks

Žilić, Lucija; Šatalić, Jelena; Aparac-Jelušić, Tatjana
Marketing digitization projects through social networks // Design, innovation, participation: BOBCATSSS 2015 Proceedings & Abstracts / Minaříková, Pavla ; Strouhal, Lukáš (ur.).
Brno: Flow, o.s, 2015. str. 224-230 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Marketing digitization projects through social networks

Žilić, Lucija ; Šatalić, Jelena ; Aparac-Jelušić, Tatjana

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Design, innovation, participation: BOBCATSSS 2015 Proceedings & Abstracts / Minaříková, Pavla ; Strouhal, Lukáš - Brno : Flow, o.s, 2015, 224-230


23 BOBCATSSS Conference

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Brno, Slovačka, 27-30.01.2015

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Digitization ; marketing ; social networks

Many activities connected with digitization are placed in libraries, archives and museums (LAM institutions) as well as in conservation and restoration institutions/units (Seiter- Šverko, Križaj, 2012). LAM institutions have started to carry out digitization projects even before national digitization plans were designed and approved by financing bodies. By carrying such projects LAM institutions have been introducing innovative approaches and tools which influenced their liaisons with ICT and computer scientists. To be able to attract new users and to make all users aware of the innovative products and services LAM institutions use more and more social networks for better communication and marketing. Social networks can be useful tools in developing and advertising new services for free, and in a more user friendly way. Today’s society is characterized by the usage of information and communication technologies, so cultural institutions had to expand their management activities to fulfill the needs of society (Manić, Aleksić, Tankošić, 2012). The main goal of this paper is to explore how Croatian LAM institutions are recognizing the possibilities of social networks and how they use social networks in promoting their digitized collections. The focus is on several research questions: a) Do information institutions use National digitization plan and how much does it help in the process of making digitized collections? ; b) Which services, related to digital collections, are available to users? ; c) What are the terms and conditions for accessing collections? and d) Which are the main reasons for using social networks for promoting digitization projects? The methodology used is based on interviews with representatives of 8 Croatian institutions: The Archives of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Pazin State Archive, The National and University Library in Zagreb, Marko Marulić City Library Split, Petar Preradović Public Library Bjelovar, Museum Documentation Centre, Croatian State Archives and Zadar Archaeological Museum.

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