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Development of method for multielement analysis of olive oil by ICPMS

Poščić, Filip; Fiket, Željka; Bačić, Niko; Lučić, Mavro; Mikac, Nevenka; Jukić Špika, Maja; Žanetić, Mirella; Rengel, Zed; Perica, Slavko
Development of method for multielement analysis of olive oil by ICPMS // Book of Abstracts, 8. International Olive Symposium
Split, 2016. str. 83-83 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Development of method for multielement analysis of olive oil by ICPMS

Poščić, Filip ; Fiket, Željka ; Bačić, Niko ; Lučić, Mavro ; Mikac, Nevenka ; Jukić Špika, Maja ; Žanetić, Mirella ; Rengel, Zed ; Perica, Slavko

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Book of Abstracts, 8. International Olive Symposium / - Split, 2016, 83-83


8. International Olive Symposium

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Split, Hrvatska, 10-14.10.2016

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Multielemental analysis ; method development ; ultrasonic assisted extraction ; geographical traceability ; virgin olive oil

Multielemental analysis of olive oil can be important tool in evaluation of its geographical traceability, as the elemental composition of soil is reflected in olives and in olive oil. However, whereas determination of elements in soil is an easy task, it is not a case for olive oil, as only minor fraction of elements are transferred to the oil, and concentrations of trace elements are usually very low. In addition, in order to get a fingerprint of elements from different geographic regions, it is necessary to determine as much elements as possible. An ideal instrumental technique to achieve this goal is inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry technique (ICPMS), which enable multielemental analysis and very low detection limits. In this work development of the method for determination of total concentration of number of elements (major elements, trace elements and rare earth elements) based on microwave digestion and detection with high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry technique (HR- ICP-MS) will be presented. In order to develop the method for quantitative determination of the multielement composition of olive oil, samples of virgin olive oil from the Croatian Adriatic coast, were digested with various mixtures of nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide, chosen according to existing literature. In the absence of certified reference material for elements determination in oils, recovery experiments with addition of multielement standard solution prepared in oil were used to define optimal digestion procedure. In the literature, ultrasonic assisted extraction of metals from olive oil by a mixture of diluted minerals acids (usually nitric and hydrochloric acids) was also used for determination of their multielemental composition and geographic traceability. In order to be able to compare data obtained for Croatian olive oils with olive oils from other regions, which were analyzed with ultrasonic extraction, two analytical methods were compared for the whole set of measured elements.

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Geologija, Kemija, Prehrambena tehnologija


Institut za jadranske kulture i melioraciju krša, Split,
Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb