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'Wild league' in water polo : An exploration of recreational sports event visit motivation

Sindik, Joško
'Wild league' in water polo : An exploration of recreational sports event visit motivation // Physical culture, 70 (2016), 2; 105-125 doi:10.5937/fizkul1602115S (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

'Wild league' in water polo : An exploration of recreational sports event visit motivation

Sindik, Joško

Physical culture (2217-947X) 70 (2016), 2; 105-125

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Dubrovnik ; push and pull factors ; sport tourism

Scope of this study was to identify motivational factors related to specific recreational sport event: 'Wild league' in water polo, which takes place in Dubrovnik, have very long tradition. First goal of the study is to determine the relationship between motivational factors related to this event, as well as with socio-demographic variables. Second goal is to determine the differences in motivational factors, according to several independent variables, mainly related to the previous experiences with sports and touristic destination. The cross-sectional study is conducted. The sample of 125 participants was examined, using the Questionnaire on sports event. All participants were Croatian citizens, excluding those who are born, and currently live in Dubrovnik. Major sports tourism motives of the potential tourists in this sporting event, were obtained. In general, the importance of the benefits of sports and tourist destination prevailed, as compared with their limitations, which appeared as an important factor only in participants who didn't visited Dubrovnik yet. At the participants, pull factors, i.e. advanced sports and travel motives slightly dominated over push motives, but statistically significant only in females, who expressed more sophisticated pulling tourist motives, such as the acquisition of knowledge about the destination. Correlations indicate that previous interest in sport, particularly in water polo and Wild League, are moderate positively associated with pushing motives. Moreover, previous recreationally engaging in sports, as well as destination-related origin, appeared as the important factors for having more emphasized pull motives for visiting this sport event. Level of the education did not appear as important factor in differentiating main type of motives in target population. Results provide initial information about the possibility of profiling potential tourists who could be motivated to visit the destination by this particular sports event.

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Sociologija, Psihologija, Pedagogija


Institut za antropologiju

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Joško Sindik, (273042)

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