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Evaluation of active learning in higher education teaching

Buljubašić-Kuzmanović, Vesna; Gazibara, Senka
Evaluation of active learning in higher education teaching // Didactica Slovenica - pedagoška obzorja: znanstvena revija za didaktiko, 31 (2016), 2; 118-133 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Evaluation of active learning in higher education teaching

Buljubašić-Kuzmanović, Vesna ; Gazibara, Senka

Didactica Slovenica - pedagoška obzorja: znanstvena revija za didaktiko (0353-1392) 31 (2016), 2; 118-133

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Active learning; higher education teaching; students; evaluation

The aim of the study was to explore the pedagogical principles and development determinants of active learning, and the indicators of its quality and effectiveness. It focuses on the evaluation of learning and teaching in Didactics seminar classes, organised on a cooperative basis with the participation of 27 students of undergraduate studies in Pedagogy. The intention was to gain an insight into the effectiveness of active learning and its development determinants with the formative, diagnostic and summative evaluation (320 assessments). The results showed that active learning was mostly reflected in teamwork and its structuring, in stimulating the development of critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, reflexivity and (self-)criticism, as well as in the preference of contents and applications of lessons learned. Individual approach was respected as well as the fact that nearly a quarter of the surveyed students need a longer time and additional incentives for active contribution, involvement and initiative in the classroom, which is often neglected in educational practice but actually an integral part of the educational process.

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Filozofski fakultet, Osijek

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