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Infrared spot twin inks for the protection of cartographic print

Matas, Maja; Žiljak Stanimirović, Ivana; Anastasios, Politis; Klaudio, Pap
Infrared spot twin inks for the protection of cartographic print // International Circular of Graphic Education and Research, 8 (2015), 37-43 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, ostalo)

Infrared spot twin inks for the protection of cartographic print

Matas, Maja ; Žiljak Stanimirović, Ivana ; Anastasios, Politis ; Klaudio, Pap

International Circular of Graphic Education and Research (1868-0712) 8 (2015); 37-43

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Securtity print ; spot twin colorants ; cartographic information ; Infraredesign ; infrared forensic print

Introduced are spot twin inks with infrared non visible colors for the cartography system which provide protec- tion of the printed information. Inks used for such documents are used speci c for each element in double layers of the visible (V) and invisible (Z) twin system. Dark blue twins mark names of water areas, greens mark green vegetation surfaces and blacks mark build objects, roads and area names. In the paper three typical spot inks are multiplied with their ink twin of equal color tone, but with a different response in the infrared region. The goal is to select the information. Introduced is the usage of infrared spot inks mixed according to the offset printer. The printers create recipes for visible and invisible inks according to the Infraredesign theory, for the cartographic print. Three of the cartographic spot ink twins are used for the introduction of new forms of protection for maps and plans with cartographic information. Each ink is in the prepress in his own layer. Twin inks ensure clear in- formation in the infrared spectrum, other inks used in the print lose information in the IR range. The Z - infrared value of the twin inks is set on 1000nm. The Z value of the V inks is zero. Set is a new way of creating security colorants, while respecting given of cial guidelines. Proposed is the change of ink composition for the system that determinates cartographic colorants, in order to protect information on the documents. The importance of cartographic data is the protection of the author’s work in all processes of the prepress and press. The docu- ments authentication is possible with the usage of the ZRGB camera in providing accurate information. The proof of the forensic state of such record is stated in eight decade with blockades between 700 and 1000nm.

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Sažetak u: Proceedings of the 47th Conference of the International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts Technology and Management (IC), San Luis Obispo, USA 2015


Grafički fakultet, Zagreb