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Evaluation of Office Chair Comfort

Vlaović, Zoran; Domljan, Danijela; Župčić, Ivica; Grbac, Ivica
Evaluation of Office Chair Comfort // Drvna industrija : znanstveni časopis za pitanja drvne tehnologije, 67 (2) (2016), 171-176 doi:10.5552/drind.2016.1615 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Evaluation of Office Chair Comfort
(Procjena udobnosti uredskih stolica)

Vlaović, Zoran ; Domljan, Danijela ; Župčić, Ivica ; Grbac, Ivica

Drvna industrija : znanstveni časopis za pitanja drvne tehnologije (0012-06772) 67 (2) (2016); 171-176

Vrsta, podvrsta i kategorija rada
Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

Ključne riječi
Subjective method; sitting; comfort; discomfort; office chair
(Subjektivna metoda; sjedenje; udobnost; neudobnost; uredska stolica)

The studies of office chair constructions have identified differences in perception of comfort provided by different types of seats. Four seat constructions and the comfort provided to the users were compared by means of subjective indicators. After a two-day sitting on each of the studied chairs, the subjects scored their perception of comfort and discomfort, using the questionnaire with 17 statements. Unlike most similar studies, subjects evaluated seats on their own work places and in the environment to which they are accustomed. Constructional forms of the seat and materials that contributed more to the sense of comfort by minimizing fatigue and pains developed by sitting were determined. Results have shown that the chair with a net is significantly more comfortable than other chairs. The chair with molded PUR foam is significantly more comfortable than the chair with springs, but statistically it does not differ significantly from the chair with slabstock PUR foam. It has been concluded that the chair with a net got higher scores, which might be attributed to its frame construction and the absence of a hard base under the sitting surface.

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Drvna tehnologija


Projekt / tema
068-0680720-0708 - Razvoj proizvoda od drva s ciljem očuvanja zdravlja (Ivica Grbac, )

Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb

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