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A Dual-axis Tracking Photovoltaic Power Plant as an Educational Tool

Franković, Dubravko; Kirinčić, Vedran; Valentić, Vladimir
A Dual-axis Tracking Photovoltaic Power Plant as an Educational Tool // International journal of electrical engineering education, 54 (2017), 3; 189-207 doi:10.1177/0020720916673649 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

A Dual-axis Tracking Photovoltaic Power Plant as an Educational Tool

Franković, Dubravko ; Kirinčić, Vedran ; Valentić, Vladimir

International journal of electrical engineering education (0020-7209) 54 (2017), 3; 189-207

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Photovoltaic power plant ; design ; construction ; education ; laboratory exercises

Renewable energy sources (RES) have become a considerable part of electric transmission networks as well as medium and low voltage (LV) distribution networks. Understanding the overall process from design stage up to the installation stage, followed by the commissioning and startup of RES plants is essential knowledge that electric engineers nowadays should posses. Therefore, this work describes the overall activities, conducted at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Croatia, necessary for the installation of a fully operational, grid connected photovoltaic (PV) power plant with dual-axis tracking system. Upon PV plant’s installation and commissioning, students are able to have “hands-on” on a fully functional PV power plant and compare measurement data with calculated values. Some of the experiments that our students are able to perform include AC and DC operating values measurements (PV string and inverter voltages, currents, power, efficiency, etc.), environmental parameters measurements (irradiance, air temperature, wind direction and velocity, etc.) and grounding parameters measurements (soil resistivity, PV plant’s grounding resistance). The acquired knowledge gained from the activities performed during our educational PV plant project realization give us the ability to propose a methodology that can be used as the key model for other universities and faculties.

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OnlineFirst ; 10.1177/0020720916673649


Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka

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