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EU Future Perspectives: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Economic Policy

EU Future Perspectives: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Economic Policy, Pula: Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, 2016 (monografija)

EU Future Perspectives: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Economic Policy

Rabar, Danijela ; Černe, Ksenija ; Zenzerović, Robert

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Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli





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Innovation; Entrepreneurship; Economic Policy

Many of us discuss about past. Some of us are rethinking the present. Only the brave among us dare to devise the future. Discussing the past is easy. Rethinking the present is demanding. But the real challenge comes when dealing with future perspectives. And that is what the authors of following papers dared to do. The idea of this scientific monograph was to gather the thoughts of experts about European Union future perspectives with particular emphasize on innovation, entrepreneurship and economic policy. When defining the theme of this monograph, we tried to discover the elements that could mark the future economic development of European Union. In the context of the strength of some of the most influenced non EU countries and taking into account the main deficiencies of the EU economies, three interrelated elements were pointed out. Innovation, entrepreneurship and economic policy were the ones that we have considered as a three pillars of European Union economies future development. Innovations are today’s imperative no matter the level of nation’s development. Innovations as products or services could satisfy some fictional desires of customers in highly developed country. On the other extreme, they can appear as new processes that could satisfy the basic needs of population in poor countries. But innovations cannot fulfill their basic purpose, until they are not introduced into mass usage or commercialized. Socially relevant way of introducing or commercializing the innovation is entrepreneurship, innovators’ self-employments and particularly generation y and z employments through new start-ups. Entrepreneurship is the pillar in which EU should do more. It should make appropriate educational and macroeconomic framework that should foster innovations and in which innovators and young people should try to find their jobs by self-employment. At this point we came to area where EU countries government should take adjusted intervention into their economies i.e. we are talking about economic policy. The authors whose papers were chosen to be included in scientific monograph not only wrote their thoughts, but meet and discuss their research results and finally shape their conclusions in following pages. There were 68 authors who wrote totally 34 papers that are presented in this scientific monograph. At the meeting in May 2015 we have dealt with future perspectives, but also trying to solve some real problems by assembling the experts in financing innovative entrepreneurial ventures and entrepreneurship supporting institutions who gave some solutions of real problems for those who are among the most relevant bearers of future development – entrepreneurs and those who plan to becomes ones. Have we succeeded in our plan to set the path of European Union development perspectives? Did we elaborate properly the three pillars of future economic development of European Union? We hope we did, but the future and the readers will be our final judges.

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EU Future Perspectives: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Economic Policy, Pula: Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli, 2016 (monografija)
Rabar, D., Černe, K. & Zenzerović, R. (ur.) (2016) EU Future Perspectives: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Economic Policy. Pula, Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli.
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