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Intentionalism as a Theory of Self-Deception

Cerovac, Ivan
Intentionalism as a Theory of Self-Deception // Balkan Journal of Philosophy, 7 (2015), 2; 145-150 doi:10.5840/bjp20157218 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Intentionalism as a Theory of Self-Deception

Cerovac, Ivan

Balkan Journal of Philosophy (1313-888X) 7 (2015), 2; 145-150

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Self-deception; Intentionalism; Anti-Intentionalism; Mind partitioning; Attentional strategy

Is self-deception something that just happens to us, or is it an intentional action of an agent? This paper discusses intentionalism, a theory claiming that self-deception is intentional behavior that aims to produce a belief that the agent does not share. The agent is motivated by his belief that p (e.g. he is bald) and his desire that not-p (e.g. not to be bald), and if self-deceiving is successful, the agent will end up believing not-p. Opponents of intentionalism raise two different objections: it seems that self- deceiver should then simultaneously hold two incompatible beliefs (namely, that p and not-p), as well as simultaneously intend the deception and be unaware of it. This paper reviews possible answers to anti-intentionalist objections (temporal partitioning, psychological partitioning, and the attentional strategy account) and offers guidelines to strengthen intentionalist claims.

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Filozofski fakultet, Rijeka

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Ivan Cerovac, (354865)

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