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Electrical Transport Measurements on TDAE-C_{60} Single Crystals

Omerzu, Aleš; Mihailovič, Dragan; Biškup, Nevenko; Milat, Ognjen; Tomić, Silvia.
Electrical Transport Measurements on TDAE-C_{60} Single Crystals // Synthetic Metals, 85 (1997), 1-3; 1723-1724 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, kongresno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Electrical Transport Measurements on TDAE-C_{60} Single Crystals
(Electrical Transport Measurements on TDAE-C_{60} Singl Crystals)

Omerzu, Aleš ; Mihailovič, Dragan ; Biškup, Nevenko ; Milat, Ognjen ; Tomić, Silvia.

Synthetic Metals (0379-6779) 85 (1997), 1-3; 1723-1724

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Fullerenes; charge-transfer salts; electrical conductivity; disorder

DC and AC electrical conductivity measurements on TDAE-C_{60} single crystals along different crystallographic axes are presented. The conductivity shows activated behavior between room temperature and 100 K with no reentrant conductivity down to 4 K, indicating an insulating electronic ground state. The activation energy changes from 0.3 eV above 150 K to 0.1 eV below this temperature.This change is accompanied by a change in the AC response.We attribute it to the freezing of rotational degrees of freedom ad consequently reduced randomness in low-temperature phase. AC conductivity may be written in two-component form sigma_{DC}(T) + sigma_{AC}(omega) where frequency-dependent part has exponential dependence sigma_{AC}(omega) = B omega^s typical for disordered systems.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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