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MAGIC detects exceptionally high activity from PKS 1510-089 at very high energy gamma-rays

Mirzoyan, Razmik; ...; Babić, Ana; ...; Dominis Prester, Dijana; ...; Godinović, Nikola; ...; Hrupec, Dario; ... et al.
MAGIC detects exceptionally high activity from PKS 1510-089 at very high energy gamma-rays, 2016. (otkriće).

MAGIC detects exceptionally high activity from PKS 1510-089 at very high energy gamma-rays

Mirzoyan, Razmik ; ... ; Babić, Ana ; ... ; Dominis Prester, Dijana ; ... ; Godinović, Nikola ; ... ; Hrupec, Dario ; ... ; Lelas, Damir ; ... ; Puljak, Ivica ; ... ; Surić, Tihomir ; ... ; Šnidarić, Iva ; ... ; Terzić, Tomislav ; ... (the MAGIC Collaboration)

The Astronomer's Telegram, #9105

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Optical; Gamma Ray; TeV; VHE; AGN; Black Hole; Blazar; Cosmic Rays

The MAGIC telescopes have detected an increase in the Very High Energy gamma-ray flux from PKS 1510-089 (RA=15 12 50.5, dec=-09 06 00, J2000.0). The preliminary analysis of the MAGIC data taken on 2016/05/30 for 2.7 hours, indicates a highly significant signal (significance > 60 sigma). The flux at the beginning of the observations (MJD=57538.94) was larger than the flux from the Crab nebula above 150 GeV, and around 50% of the flux from the Crab nebula above 240 GeV, declining towards the end of our observations. This implies an increase of a factor of at least ~5 with respect to the flux reported during the VHE flare detected by MAGIC in May 2015 ( We roughly estimate the spectral slope to -4, and the flux at 90 GeV at the beginning of the observations to 5 times the flux from the Crab nebula. Automatic analysis of the MAGIC observations from 2016/05/31 show no significant signal of this source. Quasi-simultaneously to MAGIC observations, we also performed optical observations with a 35cm Celestron telescope at La Palma. The observations confirm the elevated optical state, the R-band magnitude being ~15.1. The light curve is available in the Tuorla Blazar monitoring webpage: PKS 1510-089 is a FSRQ at z=0.36 and it is regularly monitored by MAGIC. MAGIC observations on 2016/05/30 were triggered by the alert by the H.E.S.S. collaboration due to a high flux observed on issued on 2016/05/29, and high-state reported in the high energy gamma-ray band as seen by Fermi-LAT ( H.E.S.S. observations from the night 2016/05/29 were reported on 2016/05/31: MAGIC observations on PKS1510-089 will continue during the following nights, and multi-wavelength observations are encouraged. The MAGIC contact persons for these observations are R. Mirzoyan ( and D. Dominis Prester ( MAGIC is a system of two 17m-diameter Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes located at the Canary island of La Palma, Spain, and designed to perform gamma-ray astronomy in the energy range from 50 GeV to greater than 50 TeV.

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