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Economic Integrations, Competition and Cooperation

Economic Integrations, Competition and Cooperation, Nica: CEMAFI International, 2016 (monografija)

Economic Integrations, Competition and Cooperation

Kandžija, Vinko, Kumar, Andrej

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CEMAFI International





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Economic integrations ; competition ; cooperation

The 43 articles collected in this book, are part of long lasting research and scientific cooperation between the institutions and individuals from different EU member states and additionally from candidate and other countries interested in the successful future of the EU. Articles are more or less directly related with the functioning and achievements of the EU and its member states. Beside professional analytical contents the papers as well express the tradition of cooperation among experts coming from different nations. As the EU is differently developed and has different historic and social specifics, similarly the papers collected in the book reflect to a certain extend different levels of scientific elaboration and different levels of suggested solutions and findings. All together that way the book offers a very specific experience and the knowledge developed during preparing of the articles. No doubt, preparing the articles and making the book helped to create better understanding and often even a friendship among the authors of the papers collected this book. It is important that they are from different EU and other states, the cooperation and working on research together, helps to better understanding and more ability to seek for alternative solutions together more efficiently. Such relations and deepening of understanding among the authors of the articles could hopefully effectively support the cooperation, ambitions, hopes and dreams of Europe further, even in this period of problems and uncertainties for the future of stability the EU itself.

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Uz engleski jezik, knjiga je ujedno pisana i na francuskom jeziku. Along with English language the book is also written on French.


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Ekonomski fakultet, Rijeka


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Economic Integrations, Competition and Cooperation, Nica: CEMAFI International, 2016 (monografija)
Kandžija, Vinko, Kumar, Andrej (ur.) (2016) Economic Integrations, Competition and Cooperation. Nica, CEMAFI International.
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