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Assessment of a Boat Fractured Steering Wheel

Vukelić, Goran
Assessment of a Boat Fractured Steering Wheel // Polish Maritime Research, 23 (2016), 3; 91-96 doi:10.1515/pomr-2016- 0037 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Assessment of a Boat Fractured Steering Wheel

Vukelić, Goran

Polish Maritime Research (1233-2585) 23 (2016), 3; 91-96

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Crack; fracture; stress intensity factor; fastener hole; steering wheel

During regular use of the steering wheel mounted on a boat, two cracks emanating from a fastener hole were noted which, consequently, caused final fracture of the wheel. To determine behavior of a boat steering wheel with incorporated cracks, assessment of a fractured wheel was performed. Torque moments of the fasteners were measured prior to removing steering wheel from boat. Visual and dye penetrant inspection followed along with the material detection. Besides using experimental procedures, assessment of the fractured wheel was performed using finite element analysis, i.e. stress intensity factor values were numerically determined. Variation of stress intensity factor with crack length is presented. Possible causes of crack occurrence are given and they include excessive values of fastener torque moments coupled with fretting between fastener and fastener hole that was poorly machined. Results obtained by this assessment can be taken for predicting fracture behavior of a cracked steering wheel and as a reference in the design, mounting and exploitation process of steering wheels improving that way their safety in transportation environment.

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Brodogradnja, Strojarstvo, Temeljne tehničke znanosti


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Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka

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Goran Vukelić, (264810)

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