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High-throughput proteomics and fight against pathogens

Horvatić, Anita; Kuleš, Josipa; Guillemin, Nicolas; Galan, Asier; Mrljak, Vladimir; Bhide, Mangesh
High-throughput proteomics and fight against pathogens // Molecular biosystems, 12 (2016), 2373-2384 doi:10.1039/C6MB00223D (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

High-throughput proteomics and fight against pathogens

Horvatić, Anita ; Kuleš, Josipa ; Guillemin, Nicolas ; Galan, Asier ; Mrljak, Vladimir ; Bhide, Mangesh

Molecular biosystems (1742-206X) 12 (2016); 2373-2384

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High-throughput proteomics ; host-pathogen interactions ; mass spectrometry ; pathogen ; protein-protein interactions ; quantitative proteomics ; bioinformatic tools ; vaccine

Pathogens pose a major threat for human and animal welfare. Understanding the interspecies host-pathogen protein-protein interactions implicates novel strategies to combat infectious diseases through the rapid development of new therapeutics. The first step in understanding host-pathogen crosstalk is to identify interacting proteins in order to define crucial hot-spots in the host-pathogen interactome, as proposed pharmaceutical targets by means of highthroughput proteomic methodologies. In order to obtain holistic insight into the inter- and intra-species bimolecular interactions, upgrading the proteomic approach, sophisticated in silico modeling is used to correlate obtained large data sets with other omics data and clinical outcomes. Since the main focus in this area has been directed towards human medicine, it is a time to extrapolate the existing expertise to new emerging field the ‘systems veterinary medicine’. Therefore, this review addresses high-throughput mass spectrometry-based technology for monitoring protein-protein interactions in vitro and in vivo and discusses pathogens cultivation, model host cells and available bioinformatic tools employed in vaccine development.

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Veterinarska medicina


Veterinarski fakultet, Zagreb

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