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A similarity study of benzene derivatives with acute toxicity

Nikolić, Sonja; Jakó, Éena; Rastija, Vesna; Bašic, Ivan
A similarity study of benzene derivatives with acute toxicity // Math/Chem/Comp 2015 27th MC2 Conference
Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 2015. str. ----- (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

A similarity study of benzene derivatives with acute toxicity

Nikolić, Sonja ; Jakó, Éena ; Rastija, Vesna ; Bašic, Ivan

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Math/Chem/Comp 2015 27th MC2 Conference

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Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 12 - 18. 06. 2015

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Molecular similarity ; benzene derivatives ; Iterative Canonical Form (ICF) ; Boolean functions ; n-dimensional Booleanspace

The practical importance of the concept of molecular similarity has grown dramatically in recent years. The predominant users are pharmaceutical companies, employing similarity methods in a wide range of applications, when fast, early and reliable prediction of suitable/unsuitable candidate structures is crucial. We were searching for similar molecules by the molecular features like: linear paths, branch points, rings etc. which are hashed in a 1024-bit representation, called “molecular fingerprint“. The Iterative Canonical Form (ICF) introduced by Éena Jakó is a non-conventional graph-based approach to describe Boolean functions. The ICF algorithm takes advantage of the lattice-structure of the n-dimensional Booleanspace, unlike the conventional methods, which are using the standard rules of simplification. In this study we used efficient method for finding a similarity of 69 benzene derivatives with fathead minnow toxicities.

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Fakultet agrobiotehničkih znanosti Osijek,
Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb