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Omics approaches to probe markers of disease resistance in animal sciences

Guillemin, Nicolas; Horvatić, Anita; Kuleš, Josipa; Galan, Asier; Mrljak, Vladimir; Bhide, Mangesh
Omics approaches to probe markers of disease resistance in animal sciences // Molecular biosystems, 12 (2016), 2036-2046 doi:10.1039/C6MB00220J (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Omics approaches to probe markers of disease resistance in animal sciences

Guillemin, Nicolas ; Horvatić, Anita ; Kuleš, Josipa ; Galan, Asier ; Mrljak, Vladimir ; Bhide, Mangesh

Molecular biosystems (1742-206X) 12 (2016); 2036-2046

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Omics ; animal diseases ; animal genomics ; transcriptomics ; proteomics ; genomics ; animal science ; veterinary science

Omics technologies have been developed since decades and used in different thematics. More advancements were done in human and plants thematics. Omics is the conjugation of different techniques, studing all biological molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites, etc.). Omics is then able to study entire pathways, elucidating phenotypes and their control. Thus, thanks to omics, it is possible to have a broad overview of linkage between genotype and phenotype. Disease phenotypes (tolerance or resistance) are important to understand in both in production and health. Nowadays plethora of research articles are presenting results in the field of natural disease resistance of animals using omics technologies. Moreover, thanks to advanced highthroughput technologies novel mode of infections (infection pathways) are coming to surface. Such pathways are complex (hundreds to thousands of molecules implied, with complicated control mechanisms), and omics can generate useful knowledge to understand those pathways. Here we aim to review several angles of omics used to probe markers of disease resistance with recent publications and data on the field, and presents perspectives and its utilization for a better understanding of diseases.

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Veterinarska medicina


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Veterinarski fakultet, Zagreb

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