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Nikolić, Sonja; Meštrić, Vesna; Peteh, Igor; Rastija, Vesna
Introduction // CroArtScia2015 - Technological Innovations: Art & Science / Nikolić, Sonja ; Meštrić, Vesna ; Peteh, Igor ; Rastija, Vesna (ur.).
Zagreb, Croatia: The Rugjer Boskovic Institute ; Society of Culture and Art Ivan Filipović, Zagreb, 2015. str. 10-10


Nikolić, Sonja ; Meštrić, Vesna ; Peteh, Igor ; Rastija, Vesna

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CroArtScia2015 - Technological Innovations: Art & Science

Nikolić, Sonja ; Meštrić, Vesna ; Peteh, Igor ; Rastija, Vesna

The Rugjer Boskovic Institute ; Society of Culture and Art Ivan Filipović, Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia


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Science ; art ; education ; culture ; technological innovations

This year is organised the Third International interdisciplinary scientific symposium: CroArtScia2015 – Technological Innovations: Art & Science, which will take place in Zagreb, 27 – 30 May, and one day in Sisak (29 May) under the auspices of the Department of Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences, and The Department of Fine Arts, The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The symposium is jointly organized by The Ruđer Bošković Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Society of Culture and Art Ivan Filipović, Matrix Croatica, Technical Museum Zagreb and partner institutions: Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka ; Academy of Arts in Osijek, Osijek ; Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb ; City Museum Sisak ; Croatian Council of the International Society for Education through Art – InSEA, Zagreb ; Croatian Natural History Museum, Zagreb ; Croatian National Tourist Board ; Croatian State Archives ; EU-EBS Institute, Zagreb ; Harmonik-Akademie, Wiener Neustadt, Austria ; Heritage Museum “Stephen Gruber“, The Mayor, Županja ; Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, Zagreb ; Motovun Film Festival, Zagreb ; Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb ; Showroom Izidor Kršnjavi, Zagreb ; Small Stage Theatre, Zagreb ; The City of Sisak ; The City of Zagreb ; The Tourist Board of Sisak ; Zagreb Tourist Board & Convention Bureau. Previous two simposia were CroArtScia2011 - Symmetry: Art and Science (4-7 May, 2011, Zagreb / Samobor), and CroArtScia2013 - Asymmetry: Art, Science and Education (8-11 May, 2013, Zagreb / Veliki Tabor). CroArtScia2015 is an international interdisciplinary symposium with the theme of convergence and synergy of science, art and technology. It is intended for those experts working in the arts, sciences and technology who recognize the need for interaction and collaboration. Science and art jointly act on Creative Technology and its development, and technology affects the development of science and art, and their creativity. The aim of CroArtScia2015 is to sensitize the wider public to the interactions of natural sciences, humanities, technology and arts. The organizers intend to encourage artists to join in research projects. With an emphasis on communication of collaboration, this symposium will feature lecture by the Croatian and foreign participants from the field of art and science and aims to provide meaningful creative and intellectual experiences for both the general audience and for participants of symposium. The symposium will also provide participants the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in the field of arts, sciences, humanities and technology and the opportunity for collaborative projects between artists and scientists. In addition to the extensive scientific part of the symposium program, there will also be activities such as concert, performance, workshop, and exhibition. CroArtScia2015 is a platform where it will be present and discuss various approaches, which are common points of sciences, arts and technology, and where will cooperate together artists and scientists on joint projects. Within CroArtScia will be encourage the formation of new academic structure that teach arts and sciences connected with technology and stimulate the development of creative, multidisciplinary / interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems faced by society today. There is a huge area in which arts and sciences could meet from Creative Technology and Creative Entrepreneurship to joint research projects and courses. The compilation of summaries is prepared for the Symposium. A compilation of reviewed manuscripts will be published within the CroArtScia Conference Proceedings Series.

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Fakultet agrobiotehničkih znanosti Osijek,
Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb,
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