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Decision support system for disaster communications in Dalmatia

Buzolić, Juraj; Mladineo, Nenad; Knezić, Snježana
Decision support system for disaster communications in Dalmatia // International Journal of Emergency Management, 1 (2002), 2; 191-201 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Decision support system for disaster communications in Dalmatia

Buzolić, Juraj ; Mladineo, Nenad ; Knezić, Snježana

International Journal of Emergency Management (1471-4825) 1 (2002), 2; 191-201

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Emergency telecommunications; DSS; GIS; multicriteria analysis

Taking into account that Dalmatia (Croatian region), due to its natural characteristics, is exposed to the dangers caused by natural or other catastrophes, within the DPPI (Disaster Preparation and Prevention Initiative) a project for telecommunications and information support during emergency situations is conceptualised. Within the project a decision support system (DSS) is developed. The objective of the DSS is to support decision processes in the phases of preparation, prevention and planning of a protection system from natural and other catastrophes, as well as in phases throughout interventions during an emergency situation in the telecommunications segment. The basic module of such a conceptualised DSS is the GIS (Geographical Information System) of the area covered by the project with all necessary data about the region. Using a combination of GIS and multicriteria methods, according to dominant natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, weather, wildfires and others, data about the vulnerability of the telecommunications system are generated. Other modules of the DSS contains alternative plans of the telecommunications system functioning during natural catastrophes, based on system vulnerability, such as: automatic use of optic fibre rings and SDH equipment, as well as physical intervention in the system on planned positions (positioning of mobile GSM and other stations, and other alternative solutions through a fixed telecommunications network) and logistic operations such as giving priority to certain users, changing area code numbers, establishment of alternative routes, etc.

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Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split

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