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Chloroplast immunophilins

Tomašić Paić, Ana; Fulgosi, Hrvoje
Chloroplast immunophilins // Protoplasma, 253 (2016), 2; 249-258 doi:10.1007/s00709-015-0828-z (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Chloroplast immunophilins

Tomašić Paić, Ana ; Fulgosi, Hrvoje

Protoplasma (0033-183X) 253 (2016), 2; 249-258

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Immunophilin ; photosystem II repair and biogenesis ; thylakoid lumen ; auxiliary proteins ; PPIases ; D1 protein

Immunophilins occur in almost all living organisms. They are ubiquitously expressed proteins including cyclophilins, FK506/rapamycin-binding proteins, and parvulins. Their functional significance in vascular plants is mostly related to plant developmental processes, signalling, and regulation of photosynthesis. Enzymatically active immunophilins catalyse isomerization of proline imidic peptide bonds and assist in rapid folding of nascent proline-containing polypeptides. They also participate in protein trafficking and assembly of supramolecular protein complexes. Complex immunophilins possess various additional functional domains associated with a multitude of molecular interactions. A considerable number of immunophilins act as auxiliary and/or regulatory proteins in highly specialized cellular compartments, such as lumen of thylakoids. In this review, we present a comprehensive overview of so far identified chloroplast immunophilins that assist in specific assembly/repair processes necessary for the maintenance of efficient photosynthetic energy conversion.

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Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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