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Critical Pedagogy and Digital technology: Postmodernist and Marxist Perspectives

Peović Vuković, Katarina; Jandrić, Petar
Critical Pedagogy and Digital technology: Postmodernist and Marxist Perspectives, 2015. (enciklopedijska natuknica).

Critical Pedagogy and Digital technology: Postmodernist and Marxist Perspectives

Peović Vuković, Katarina ; Jandrić, Petar

Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory

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Marxism; critical pedagogy; Postmodenism

Human learning cannot be thought of without technologies. Yet, while the movement of critical pedagogy had always been interested in educational usage of mass media, in the second part of the 20th century “there has arguably been less interest in the fourth major platform of the Freirean program – economic development through technological modernization processes” (Kahn & Kellner, 2007: 434). At the brink of the new millennium, human society has rapidly become saturated with information and communication technologies. In order to make sense of education in the age of emerging digital cultures, mainstream critical pedagogy has employed two major philosophical traditions: postmodernism and Marxism. Marxism is a social theory that emerges from the late 19th century and the works of Karl Marx. (There is also a term “Marxian theory” which stresses the fact that emerged studies follow the work of Karl Marx but not necessarily follow Marx's teachings in full.) Postmodernism is a late 20th century philosophical tradition and broader social movement that criticizes universalism and emphasizes social constructivist understanding of reality. These traditions are centered around the importance of power relationships ; they believe in fundamental importance of progress in scientific and technological achievements ; and they share a common goal of overcoming social and epistemic dualisms.

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