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The Industry 4.0 Concept and it’s Application in Shipbuilding Process

Venesa, Stanić; Hadjina, Marko; Fafandjel, Nikša
The Industry 4.0 Concept and it’s Application in Shipbuilding Process // Proceedings of International Conference on Innovative Technologies
Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 2015. str. 38-41 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

The Industry 4.0 Concept and it’s Application in Shipbuilding Process

Venesa, Stanić ; Hadjina, Marko ; Fafandjel, Nikša

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Proceedings of International Conference on Innovative Technologies / - , 2015, 38-41

IN-TECH 2015

Mjesto i datum
Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 09.-11.09.2015

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Industry 4.0; Smart Ship; Smart Shipbuilding Process

In recent years shipbuilding industry has been stalled, faces a development bottleneck after strong growth. As shipyards, shipping companies also has been faced with the problems as difficulty in controlling operational cost. In past, shipbuilding industry was continuously improved with new equipment, software and new implemented organizational restructuring. Today, the ship safety, cost efficiency and energy conservation and environmental protection are gaining much more consideration in shipbuilding industry. It is time for big data to make profit for shipping companies and shipyards. In order to create new value, ship must become a Smart Ship capable of “thinking”, and to be produced in Smart Shipbuilding Process. The answers of this request offers Industry 4.0 concept ; production of Smart Products in Smart Factories. Shipbuilding process will consistently use wide range of data generated in production and ship exploitation, which are further analyzed, linked together and as such are massive potential for application in numerous serious of Smart Ships produced in Smart Shipbuilding Processes. Therefore, in this article, authors presented Industry 4.0 concept from the perspective of potential application in shipbuilding process. Furthermore, authors have analyzed specific applications in shipbuilding industry and suggested particular Industry 4.0 concept ideas implementation opportunities. The realization Industry 4.0 in shipbuilding presents the future, creating new value in the process, creating new demands with reduction in production and operational cost while increasing production efficiency.

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