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Glocal Multimedia Art

Srnić, Vesna
Glocal Multimedia Art, Zagreb: Jesenski i Turk, 2014 (Zbirka znanstvenih radova)

Glocal Multimedia Art
(Glokalna multimedijska umjetnost)

Srnić, Vesna

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Jesenski i Turk





Ključne riječi
world image ; performativeness ; glocal art ; consciousness ; media art
(slika svijeta ; performativnost ; glokalna umjetnost ; svijest ; medijska umjetnost)

We believe that the traditional political path as oscillation of classical political orientation is not sufficient. Thus we should support the programs of a new intellectual debate center, led by the avant-garde cosmopolitan political scientists. They are inspired and supported by the seemingly anarchist teams of artists, sociologists, psychologists and philosophers of glocal orientation. While trying to “continuously process the self-foothold” and awaking mediated fragmentation of postmodern reality, we support aesthetic process of individuation in postfeminist affective semantical democracy and the universal availability of information, expanded by electronic media, as well as the essential characteristics of such orientations dominated by the individuality in equality, freedom and responsibility.” Through practical work with university students, we tried to reinvent and actualise new levels of Multi/Media art reality by implementing the innovative supervision and mentoring approach to creative course, as well as researching through the astonishment. We have been using new approach to seeing, thus reevaluating the ordinary, everyday life as well. In that sense through performativeness of glocal, internal and external “consciousness” as a process and the phenomenon of being here, even the abstract reduction of reality and the joint World Image down to a grid become an actualisation of a condition within Universal scale, the phenomenon of authenticity of the World Image in a renewing creation of existence through Glocal Art and Pure experience.

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Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb


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Srnić, Vesna
Glocal Multimedia Art, Zagreb: Jesenski i Turk, 2014 (Zbirka znanstvenih radova)
Srnić, V. (2014) Glocal Multimedia Art. Zagreb, Jesenski i Turk.
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