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Slow heat release below 1 K in density-wave systems

Lasjaunias, Jean Claude; Biljaković, Katica; Monceau, Pierre
Slow heat release below 1 K in density-wave systems // Czechoslovak journal of physics, 46 (1996), 2603-2604 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, kongresno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Slow heat release below 1 K in density-wave systems

Lasjaunias, Jean Claude ; Biljaković, Katica ; Monceau, Pierre

Czechoslovak journal of physics (0011-4626) 46 (1996); 2603-2604

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Low-energy excitations. Thermal-conductivity. Glass.

Low-temperature thermodynamical properties of Charge(Spin)-Density Wave (CDW/SDW) systems are characterized by a glassy behaviour, somewhat, reminiscent, of structural glasses, the deep origin of disorder being here related to the random pinning of the electronic DW subsystem by impurities or defects. A remarquable property is the strong non-exponential energy relaxation following a small heat, perturbation, at T < 1 K. We report on an investigation of this effect in TaS_3 [CDW], and in (TMTSF)_2PF_6 [SDW]. A comparison is clone with the slow heat release effects observed in similar T-range in structural glasses.

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Institut za fiziku, Zagreb

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Katica Biljaković, (76732)

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