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Applicability of hydraulic dynamometer for mesuring load mass on forwarders

Pandur, Zdravko; Horvat, Dubravko; Šušnjar, Marijan; Zorić, Marko; Benić, Davor; Bakarić, Matija
Applicability of hydraulic dynamometer for mesuring load mass on forwarders // BULLETIN OF THE FACULTY OF FORESTRY, supplement issue (2015), 101-110 doi:10.2298/GSF15S1101P (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Applicability of hydraulic dynamometer for mesuring load mass on forwarders

Pandur, Zdravko ; Horvat, Dubravko ; Šušnjar, Marijan ; Zorić, Marko ; Benić, Davor ; Bakarić, Matija

BULLETIN OF THE FACULTY OF FORESTRY (0353-4537) Supplement issue (2015); 101-110

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Forwarder; mass measuring; hydraulic dynamometer

In the last few years, with the start of wood biomass production from wood residues, the need for determining the quantity of extracted wood residuals on a landing site has appeared. The beginning of intensive usage of wood residues for wood biomass starts in lowland forest where all wood residues are extracted with forwarders. There are several ways to determine load mass on a forwarder, first and probably most accurate is the use of load cells which are installed between forwarder undercarriage and loading space. In Croatia, as far as it is known, there is no forwarder with such equipment, although manufacturers offer the installation of such equipment when buying a new forwarder. The second option is using a portable measuring platform (axle scale) which was already used for research of axle loads of trucks and forwarders. The data obtained with the measuring platform are very accurate, while its deficiency is relatively great mass, large dimensions and high price. The third option is determining mass by using hydraulic dynamometer which is installed on crane between the rotator and the telescopic boom. The production and installation of such a system is very simple, and with the price it can easily compete with previously described measuring systems. The main deficiency of this system is its unsatisfying accuracy. The results of assortment mass measuring with hydraulic dynamometer installed on a hydraulic crane and discussion on factors influencing obtained results will be presented in this paper.

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068-0682111-2112 - Ekološko, energijsko i ergonomsko vrednovanje šumskih strojeva i opreme (Dubravko Horvat, )

Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb

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