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Croatia and the European Union: Changes and Development

Croatia and the European Union: Changes and Development, Farnham UK, Burlington, USA: Ashgate ; Routledge, 2015 (zbornik)

Croatia and the European Union: Changes and Development

Maldini, Pero ; Pauković, Davor

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Ashgate ; Routledge

Farnham UK, Burlington, USA




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EU; Croatia; transition; democratization; accession to the EU

The accession of Croatia to the EU marked the end of a long and arduous period of transition. Croatia had to meet significantly higher criteria than previous states with suspicion and concerns among existing members about further enlargement increasing. Meanwhile initially strong public support in Croatia declined as inconsistencies in EU policy, entry criteria and problems caused by the economic crisis all combined with fears about the loss of national identity and the ability to realize national interests. The successful Croatian accession to the EU in 2013 shows that, despite concerns on both sides, the EU continues to have meaning and significance and that membership remains highly desirable. Through nine mutually interrelated chapters, the contributors speak not only about the political and social situation in Croatia, but also prospects for the European Union itself. Hence, book chapters include an analysis of the state and various perspectives regarding democratic institutions and practices, both in EU and Croatia (EU democratizing potential and issues of democratic consolidation, democratic deficits and socio- structural and socio- cultural prerequisites of substantive democracy, the state of democracy in the EU and the impact of its democratic deficits upon Croatia), cultural aspects (the meaning of Croatian accession to the EU related to departure from the Balkans and return to the place of its cultural belonging, political aspects (institutional change and adaptation issues, contextual and institutional characteristics of Croatian accession process, its impact upon the transformation of the Croatian party system, jurisdiction, national security and politics in general), historical- political aspects (impact of the political heritage to the formation of political discourse and attitudes towards the EU), regional aspects (Croatia's role and impact on other regional countries and their perspectives regarding the process of joining the EU), social and socio-psychological aspects (public support for European integration in Croatia, and structure and significance of euroskepticism). These, and many other issues related to the process of Croatian accession to EU, are the reason for analysis of certain processes and problems that have marked the Croatian integration path, its impact on the political and social sphere, with the repercussions of this process in the region. The value of this book is not only in the review of the road passed, but also in the analysis of the current situation, as well as in providing a comprehension of perspectives of Croatia in European Union.

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Politologija, Sociologija, Povijest

Drugo izdanje 2016


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Croatia and the European Union: Changes and Development, Farnham UK, Burlington, USA: Ashgate ; Routledge, 2015 (zbornik)
Maldini, P. & Pauković, D. (ur.) (2015) Croatia and the European Union: Changes and Development. Farnham UK, Burlington, USA, Ashgate ; Routledge.
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