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Fashion blogs – redefining fashion marketing

Palmić, Loreta; Dlačić, Jasmina
Fashion blogs – redefining fashion marketing // 24th CROMAR congress: Marketing Theory and Practice - Building Bridges and Fostering Collaboration - Proceedings / Mihić, Mirela (ur.).
Split: Faculty of Economics Split, CROMAR, 2015. str. 85-103 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Fashion blogs – redefining fashion marketing

Palmić, Loreta ; Dlačić, Jasmina

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24th CROMAR congress: Marketing Theory and Practice - Building Bridges and Fostering Collaboration - Proceedings / Mihić, Mirela - Split : Faculty of Economics Split, CROMAR, 2015, 85-103


24th CROMAR congress: Marketing Theory and Practice - Building Bridges and Fostering Collaboration

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Split, Hrvatska, 22-24.10.2015.

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Fashion marketing; Fashion blog; Social media; Blogging; Fashion industry

The fashion industry utilizes a variety of different communication media to communicate with the target market. Social media are becoming a global and widely accepted marketing communication channel, a trend that also affects the fashion industry. Conventional media used in marketing communication in the fashion industry, such as magazines, TV shows, etc., still dominate the market. However, promotional activities have recently begun to focus more on using social media and the Internet in market communication. This contributes to the development of fashion marketing. The fashion blog is a recently adopted communication channel in today's Internet society, a new virtual form of word of mouth. Fashion blogging is also a useful promotional tool in the fashion industry (Lea- Greenwood, 2013) that provides a fast and rather simple way of communicating with the target market and is characterized by a high degree of interaction. // The research purpose is to explore fashion blogs as a social media tool and their influence on fashion marketing development or, more precisely, to explore the relationship between fashion blogs and the communication approach in fashion marketing. Hence, the research question is to determine the role of fashion blogs in fashion marketing communication with the target audience. Empirical research focuses on a sample of internationally acknowledged fashion blogs and analyses several of the best known Croatian fashion bloggers. Qualitative research was conducted using content analysis. Elements of analysis include blogger identification, blog content, the interaction between bloggers and their followers, and the types of social media used to boost social media presence. // Research results point out the effect of fashion blogs on fashion marketing communication approach. Numerous fashion bloggers promote designers or brands, either directly or indirectly in their blogging. Fashion blogs demonstrate that fashion can be accessible to wider audiences ; they provide inspiration for everyday apparel and express attitudes and personal interests. Consequently, fashion bloggers influence and shape public opinion. So, the fashion blog represents a fashion marketing communication channel. Therefore, the fashion industry should accept fashion bloggers as a new communication channel and source of public opinion. Research also indicates managerial implications for communication with the target audience in the fashion industry.

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Sažetak rada objavljen je i u Zborniku sažetaka (str. 27). ISBN: 978-953-281-066-0.


Ekonomski fakultet, Rijeka

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Jasmina Dlačić, (281265)