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Performance comparison of low-budget 3D printers

Godec, Damir; Radoš, Ivan; Šercer, Mladen
Performance comparison of low-budget 3D printers // Polymer Processing Society / Holzer, Clemens ; Laske, Stephan ; Payer, Martin (ur.).
Graz: PPS, 2015. str. 246-246 (plenarno, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Performance comparison of low-budget 3D printers

Godec, Damir ; Radoš, Ivan ; Šercer, Mladen

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Sažeci sa skupova, sažetak, znanstveni

Polymer Processing Society / Holzer, Clemens ; Laske, Stephan ; Payer, Martin - Graz : PPS, 2015, 246-246

Regional Conference Polymer Processing Society Graz 2015, PPS2015

Mjesto i datum
Graz, Austrija, 21-25.09.2015

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Međunarodna recenzija

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Dimensional stability; fused deposition modeling - FDM; roughness

Additive technologies have begun its development and application since the second half of the 1980s. The main reason behind that was to fulfil the market demands of increased product quality, flexibility, lower costs, shorter development time and production, as well as small series and individual production. As part of additive technologies, low-budget 3D printers have been developed and are widely available now, and they have enabled a significant expansion of the application of additive technologies for development and production. A large number of low-budget 3D printers on the market make it difficult for the potential investor to choose from. Therefore, potential investor in lowbudget 3D printers has to know more detailed their working principle, their construction, materials that they can process and the errors and problems of their technology that occur during processing. In the paper, two most popular low-budget 3D printers MakerBot Replicator 2X and Ultimaker Original was chosen for a detailed comparison. Two reference models were selected for detailed comparison of their performance. Evaluation was made based on final model properties such as deviations from nominal dimensions, shrinkage and surface roughness.

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