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Do we Need “Gesamtbildtheorie”? Some Preliminary Remarks

Purgar, Krešimir
Do we Need “Gesamtbildtheorie”? Some Preliminary Remarks // Neverending Painting/Slika bez kraja. Muzej suvremene umjetnosti
Zagreb, 2015. (pozvano predavanje, nije recenziran, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni)

Do we Need “Gesamtbildtheorie”? Some Preliminary Remarks

Purgar, Krešimir

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Sažeci sa skupova, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni

Neverending Painting/Slika bez kraja. Muzej suvremene umjetnosti

Mjesto i datum
Zagreb, Hrvatska, 03-04.10.2015

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Gesamtbildtheorie ; image science ; essentialism ; subjectivism ; Dieter Mersch ; W.J.T. Mitchell ; Gottfried Boehm

Humanistic disciplines like semiotics and iconology, and to the same extent also phenomenology and psychoanalytical theory are concerned with the essentialist approach to images in the assumption that visual representations should be analyzed in regard to the manner in which an object is represented in the image (semiotics and iconology) or in regard to the ways that the represented object generates visual effects in the mind (phenomenology and psychoanalysis). Subjectivist approaches are based on the functions and interpretations of images in relation to (or by) the individual viewer or a group of viewers within different and often incomparable social contexts of visual culture. If the answer to the question “what is an image?” is always undeterminable in advance, because it is constantly delineated by the boundaries of the essentialist and subjectivist understanding of images, this does not mean that one should not consider that question worthy of discussion, but that it may be addressed in a different – non-disciplinary – way.

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Umjetnička akademija, Osijek

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Krešimir Purgar, (336865)