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How do Government Employees Use Information and Communication Technologies?

Dukić, Darko; Bertović, Neven
How do Government Employees Use Information and Communication Technologies? // Tehnički glasnik - Technical Journal, 9 (2015), 2; 142-146 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni)

How do Government Employees Use Information and Communication Technologies?

Dukić, Darko ; Bertović, Neven

Tehnički glasnik - Technical Journal (1846-6168) 9 (2015), 2; 142-146

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Computer and Internet use; e-government; government employees; information and communication technologies

Information and communication technologies have become a fundamental component of modern society and a powerful driving force for growth and prosperity. New and emerging technologies enable government to more effectively and efficiently provide their services to citizens and businesses. Today, e-government is synonymous with fast, reliable, open, and flexible public administration. In the context of e-government adoption research, the purpose of this paper is to explore how Croatian government employees use information and communication technologies at the workplace. The study was conducted on a sample of employees from central government bodies. Both descriptive and inferential statistical methods were employed in the analysis. The results show that Croatian government employees most often use the available technology for word processing, browsing business materials, communication, and information. The study also found that there are significant differences in computer and Internet use, particularly with respect to level of education and position in organization.

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Darko Dukić, (260093)

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