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Sensory analysis of virgin olive oils – useful tool for creation of extra added value

Žanetić, Mirella; Jukić Špika, Maja; Vitanović, Elda
Sensory analysis of virgin olive oils – useful tool for creation of extra added value // 11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium
Gothenburg, Švedska, 2015. (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, ostalo)

Sensory analysis of virgin olive oils – useful tool for creation of extra added value

Žanetić, Mirella ; Jukić Špika, Maja ; Vitanović, Elda

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11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium / - , 2015

11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2015.

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Gothenburg, Švedska, 23-27. 08. 2015

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Virgin olive oil; sensory analyses; added value

Sensory analysis of virgin olive oil (VOO) is a final step of olive oil quality evaluation. Today there are modern analytical methods that can identify and quantify both volatile and non-volatile substances that are the main reason for specific taste, smell and aroma of VOO. However, they can not give complete information about the smell and taste because they can not provide a display interaction between taste and odors that can be perceived by the human senses. Therefore, the sensory analysis is still the most effective way to identify the difference, the quality and quantity of sensory characteristics of olive oil.This paper presents and illustrates the method for the organoleptic assessment of VOO. The positive and negative sensory properties of VOOs are described as well as the main causes for their occurrence in certain olive oil sample. For positive aroma attributes of VOOs are largely responsible volatile substances generated after breaking the structure cells in the process of milling olives and olive mixing olive paste during a series of enzymatic reactions known as lipoxygenase time, and smelling undesirable properties resulting from errors and omissions in the fruit protection, fruit storage before processing, processing of fruits and storage of produced oil.Phenolic compounds, natural antioxidants present in VOO, are responsible for positive taste attribute (bitterness) and also for kinesthetic properties (bitterness and pungency) of VOO. The amount of phenolics in VOO is related to the health beneficial effects that make VOO a very valuable and appreciated commodity. The level of phenols is a very important parameter in the VOO quality evaluation since it’s strictly related both to the oil’s resistance to oxidation because of their antioxidative properties. As an example here we present the results of descriptive sensory analyses of typical croatian monovarietal VOOs and their total phenolic content.

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091-0910468-0166 - Vrednovanje, zaštita i upotreba genetskih resursa masline (Slavko Perica, )

Institut za jadranske kulture i melioraciju krša, Split