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Usability in Croatian OPACs

Peša Pavlović, Nikolina; Pehar, Franjo
Usability in Croatian OPACs // 3rd ASIS&T European Workshop, Osijek 2015
Osijek, Hrvatska, 2015. str. - (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, neobjavljeni rad, ostalo)

Usability in Croatian OPACs

Peša Pavlović, Nikolina ; Pehar, Franjo

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Sažeci sa skupova, neobjavljeni rad, ostalo

3rd ASIS&T European Workshop, Osijek 2015

Mjesto i datum
Osijek, Hrvatska, 21-23.06.2015

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Ključne riječi
Usability ; Heuristic evaluation ; BibEval ; OPAC ; Croatia.

The primary purpose of OPACs is satisfying users’ information needs and providing a successful information retrieval process. In order to fulfil this purpose, it is recommended that libraries adjust and develop their OPACs to the increasingly demanding user needs and changes in the information environment in order to provide better interaction with users and a seamless searching process.With conducting usability tests of their OPACs, libraries can get useful results and analysis whether their OPACs are user - oriented. The research described in this paper aims to emphasize the importance of usability testing. Usability tests were conducted on the research sample consisting of 5 Croatian OPACs, using the heuristic evaluation usability method. The instrument of the research is a specified criteria catalogue BibEval, created by Cheval team at the Swiss Institute for Information Research (SII), and it is used in a form of an interactive web application created for usability evaluation and designing of library online services.

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