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How adrenal gland takes hit by chronic stress?

Heffer, Marija; Balog, Marta; Ivić, Vedrana; Labak, Irena; Blažetić, Senka; Zelen, Ada
How adrenal gland takes hit by chronic stress? // GlowBrain Final Conference "Stem cell and biomaterial applications for brain repair"
Zagreb: Medicinski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, 2015. str. 11-11 (pozvano predavanje, nije recenziran, sažetak, znanstveni)

How adrenal gland takes hit by chronic stress?

Heffer, Marija ; Balog, Marta ; Ivić, Vedrana ; Labak, Irena ; Blažetić, Senka ; Zelen, Ada

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GlowBrain Final Conference "Stem cell and biomaterial applications for brain repair" / - Zagreb : Medicinski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, 2015, 11-11

GlowBrain Final Conference "Stem cell and biomaterial applications for brain repair"

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Zagreb, Hrvatska, 27-31.5.2015

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Stem cell; leptin receptor; stress; adrenal gland; rat

The adult animal body is constantly engaged in maintenance and reconstruction. While some organs have a substantial capacity for regeneration others, like central nervous system are very limited or, like the autonomous nervous system, sustain capacity to be challenged to certain limits. The chronic stress is a physiological way to test these limits. In order to understand dynamic of stem cell proliferation and differentiation under the condition of chronic stress, the adult Sprague- Dawley rat were subjected to various chronic stressor in the period of 10 days. The animals were divided in males and females and each group was in turn further subdivided into castrated and non-castrated animals. The whole set of stressors was repeated three times with 2 week periods of recovery in between separate sessions. The control animals were subjected to sham castration and sham stress. The animals were sacrificed at the age of 17, 5 months ; adrenal glands were collected and subjected to immunochemical staining using PCNA antibody specific for stem cell lineage or antibodies for estrogens, progesterone and testosterone receptors. The stem cell zone in adrenal gland is located between glomerular and fascicular zones of adrenal cortex, which was further demonstrated using BrdU staining. We found that the adrenal stem cells express leptin receptor (ObR) and its expression varies under condition of chronic stress. In non-castrated groups, males and females, the exposure to chronic stress lowers ObR expression in adrenal stem cells in comparison to control groups. The castrated animals, males and females, express more ObR, as compared to their control groups. The stem cell linage of adrenal gland responds to chronic stress by changing the expression of sexual hormones and leptin receptor. If sexual hormones are deprived, like in the case of castrated animals, the expression of leptin receptor is higher. Due to the fact that ObR is required for energy balance in the cell further studies would reveal if the observed changes lead to proliferation, differentiation or death.

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