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INFIRO School Course Book: Electronics and Robotics

INFIRO School Course Book: Electronics and Robotics, Zagreb: University of Zagreb, 2013 (prirucnik)

INFIRO School Course Book: Electronics and Robotics

Darko Androić

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University of Zagreb





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INFIRO; Course Book; Electronics; Robotics

INFIRO project (Integrated physics approach to robotics designed laboratory) was conceived as a lifelong learning programme primarily dedicated to students in vocational schools aiming at developing their expertise beyond the scope of regular education curricula. Applying interdisciplinary approach and combining different electronics, mechatronics and robotics problems with more fundamental physics, mathematics and informatics knowledge we promote scientific and technical education, both, to primary school pupils and high school students population not only those from vocational schools domain. All our activities truly happened in the strict laboratory environment equipped with computers and suitable electronic elements/tools and controllers. We minimized the foreknowledge requirements in favour of the student’s self-investigation approach. Our activities did not pull out teacher component away from the education process, on contrary, our laboratories strongly depend on teachers always being present to help and give constructive recommendations and clues instead of the unnecessary lessoning. During active period of INFIRO project two Summer Schools were held in Rabac/Labin with more than 60 students and 30 teachers/trainers being present at each school. But in the event preparation hundreds of students and dozen teachers and trainers from different countries were involved in diverse types of activities: from problem construction, machining and testing equipment to designing and shaping educational materials, developing and performing the laboratory learning. We experimented with numerous apparatuses to make our laboratories as attractive as is reasonably achievable. Sometimes very novel tools were used and occasionally we grabbed the software well known for decade. Crucial decision point in our exercises was always the motivating idea of the experiment. For basic robotics and electronic lab we tried to use the most reliable tools, minimizing financial requirements and making things easily available to wider population interested in a subject. However, inside advanced lab in electronics and robotics we were not afraid to practise with a more complicated, sometimes even commercial, hardware and software. This book presents the condensed electronics and robotics introduction to our standard basic laboratory. We used these materials in electronic form like presentation on projector or file distributed by Internet. Sometimes in a lack of Internet connection even paper format of our e-book can be useful. Our first intention for publishing this booklet is to spread out one, among numerous, different possible, ways how to start with simple electronic circuitry and basics robotics logic. Booklet is short, on five languages we used during INFIRO active period of duration. If you, because of this booklet, desire to procure some of the available controllers on the Internet and start to practice yourself, our task is fulfilled.

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Fizika, Elektrotehnika, Računarstvo

Languages used: Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian Turkish


Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Zagreb,
Sveučilište u Zagrebu,
Društvo mađarskih znanstvenika i umjetnika u Hrvatskoj


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INFIRO School Course Book: Electronics and Robotics, Zagreb: University of Zagreb, 2013 (prirucnik)
Darko Androić (ur.) (2013) INFIRO School Course Book: Electronics and Robotics. Zagreb, University of Zagreb.
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