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Teaching and Learning Methods and Practices in Science and Social Studies Lessons

Braičić, Zdenko; Đuranović, Marina; Klasnić, Irena
Teaching and Learning Methods and Practices in Science and Social Studies Lessons // Hrvatski časopis za odgoj i obrazovanje, 17 (2015), Sp.Ed.No.1; 83-95 doi:10.15516/cje.v17i0.1524 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Teaching and Learning Methods and Practices in Science and Social Studies Lessons

Braičić, Zdenko ; Đuranović, Marina ; Klasnić, Irena

Hrvatski časopis za odgoj i obrazovanje (1848-5650) 17 (2015), Sp.Ed.No.1; 83-95

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Radovi u časopisima, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni

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Methods and practices of teaching ; Science and Social Studies ; subject content of Geography ; subject content of History ; subject content of Natural Sciences

This paper discusses the frequency of application of methods and practices in teaching Science and Social Studies. Considering the fact that this subject comprises heterogeneous content that draws upon the knowledge of many natural and social sciences, it is possible to apply an expansive range of methods and practices of teaching and learning during the teaching process. Empirical research which has been conducted has shown that the dominant teaching methods are dialogue, work with textbooks, teachers’ lectures and demonstration of pictures and objects, while computer-aided learning, project method and working with professional papers are very rarely applied. Despite the characteristics and potential of the subject, methods/ practices that encourage research and experiential learning are underrepresented in the classrooms. Some differences have also been detected in applying certain methods and practices, depending on whether they are used in teaching the subject content of Natural Sciences, Geography or History, and depending on the teachers’ years of service.

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Pedagogija, Geografija


Hrvatski studiji, Zagreb,
Učiteljski fakultet, Zagreb

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