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Topographic Maps with Infrared Colors

Žiljak Vujić, Jana; Matas, Maja; Pogarčić, Matej; Žiljak Stanimirović, Ivana
Topographic Maps with Infrared Colors // Procedia Engineering, 25th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation, 2014 / Katalinic, Branko (ur.).
Vienna: DAAAM International, 2015. str. 928-935 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Topographic Maps with Infrared Colors

Žiljak Vujić, Jana ; Matas, Maja ; Pogarčić, Matej ; Žiljak Stanimirović, Ivana

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Procedia Engineering, 25th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation, 2014 / Katalinic, Branko - Vienna : DAAAM International, 2015, 928-935

The 25th DAAAM International Symposium Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation: Focus on Sustainability

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Beč, Austrija, 26.-29.11.2014.

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Infrared colors; topographic maps; infraredesign; CMYKIR; spectrum in NIR

We are introducing infrared security print as an extension for topographic map print. The article carries out the algorithm of merging several layers of spot colors. We expand the spectral analysis of dyes to the near infrared spectrum. Today's technology of topographic map multiplication uses spot colors defined by experts in the state geodetic bureau. The state map production is strictly defined by law. That indirectly emphasizes the need to protect the data displayed on produced maps. We suggest, while creating maps, adding infrared properties to the colorants for the authentication of every edition. As the official geodetic practice set RGB color values, it is possible to carry out double printing colorants for these colors, which have the same response in the visual spectrum and a different in the infrared spectrum. Based on the equalization of spectrum pairs of dyes in the visual part, a proposal was given for the degree of light absorption in the infrared region. Every publisher, printer, expert from the state geodetic bureau, determines his own level of infrared safety component participation. Such a map cannot be changed, ie ; forged, thus ensuring full protection for all topographic data contained on the state map. Infrared dyes property disappears in an attempt of recording, scanning, or any other technology that allows reproduction. The visual state of the topographic map with infrared colors, is the same as the visual state of the map without the IRD extension. With this procedure there is no interference with the visual art on the map. This method of printing also allows creation of maps, with pieces of information in the visual spectrum that may not be the same as the content of information in the infrared spectrum.

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