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Janko (Ivan Krstitelj) Tombor in the Light of Necrologies

Ostajmer, Branko
Janko (Ivan Krstitelj) Tombor in the Light of Necrologies // Croatia and Slovakia: Historical Parallels and Connections (from 1780 to the Present Day)
Zagreb, Hrvatska, 2014. (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni)

Janko (Ivan Krstitelj) Tombor in the Light of Necrologies

Ostajmer, Branko

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Sažeci sa skupova, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni

Croatia and Slovakia: Historical Parallels and Connections (from 1780 to the Present Day)

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Zagreb, Hrvatska, 07.-11.05.2014

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Janko Tombor; J. J. Strossmayer; Croatian-Slovakian Relations; 19th Century

A native Slovak from Žilina, Croatian writer and politician Janko (Ivan Krstitelj) Tombor can be classifi ed as a Slovak who has left a particularly deep and signifi cant trace in the Croatian history. Historians and literary historians wrote repeatedly about him and his work. Th e fi rst who did it was a literary historian and a playwright Nikola Andrić, who wrote about Tombor while he was still alive. Andrić became interested in Tombor while he was working on his book Pod apsolutizmom (Under absolutism), which was published in Zagreb in 1906. He was quite surprised when he had found out that Tombor, an old Illyrianist, was still alive. Andrić wrote about Tombor as one of the most infl uential “forgotten writers of absolutism” not only in his book, but also in several smaller newspaper articles, thus refreshing the memory of him. In 1911 Tombor died of old age as a retired priest. Although he did not take part in active public life for decades, quite a substantial number of articles were published in the Croatian and Slovak newspapers in his memory, and they have never been studied, until today. Th e analysis of these texts, found in twenty or so Croatian and several Slovak newspapers, shows that the news about Tombor’s death was given a great attention, and that this was, both in Croatia and Slovakia, to a large extent the result of Andrić’s eff orts to pull Tombor out of oblivion: his texts were used, directly or indirectly, by the most newspaper editorial boards in order to create a basic, biographical part of a necrology, to which the author often added his or her remarks and ratings. Th e texts from the newspapers are valuable and interesting primarily because they reveal a lot of previously unknown or ignored details of Tombor’s life. Moreover, the attention should also be given to the expressed value judgements, especially to the political ones, which should be approached with a delayed criticism. Th erefore, the analysis of the newspaper articles published on the occasion of Tombor’s death represents an important contribution to the biography of this extinguished Slovak and Croat.

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Branko Ostajmer, (286682)