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Neutrophil neutral endopeptidase variation and its regulation by opioid peptides

Balog, Tihomir; Marotti, Tanja; Abramić, Marija; Svoboda-Beusan, Ivna; Sobočanec, Sandra; Hršak, Ivo
Neutrophil neutral endopeptidase variation and its regulation by opioid peptides // International Immunopharmacology, 1 (2001), 3; 569-579 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Neutrophil neutral endopeptidase variation and its regulation by opioid peptides

Balog, Tihomir ; Marotti, Tanja ; Abramić, Marija ; Svoboda-Beusan, Ivna ; Sobočanec, Sandra ; Hršak, Ivo

International Immunopharmacology (1567-5769) 1 (2001), 3; 569-579

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Methionine-enkephalin; CD10; enkephalinase; neutrophils

The opioid peptide methionine-enkephalin (MENK) has significant immunomodulatory ability in addition to its neurotransmitter function. Since neutral endopeptidase (NEP, CD10, enkephalinase EC cleaves opioid peptides, the presence and activity of NEP in neutrophils from different persons might be responsible for the diverse, neuropeptide-induced, responses of neutrophils from different donors (Marotti et al. 1992). The results obtained showed statistically significant differences in NEP activity among donors (high, medium and low). A ten fold higher NEP activity in neutrophils (160-280 nmol/106 cells/h) and in their corresponding membrane preparations (550 nmol/mg protein/min) in our study, as compared to literature data, was a result of high specificity and affinity of Suc-Ala-Ala-Phe-pNA as substrate. In control, nontreated neutrophils the number of CD10 positive cells were not correlated with NEP activity. However, in neutrophils treated with a physiological (10-10M) concentration of MENK, two main events occurred ; not only did the number of CD10 positive cells correlate with NEP activity, but contrary to control samples, MENK upregulated the expression of CD10 marker as demonstrated by an increase of mean florescence intensity (F-mean) in donors with low NEP activity. Taken together these data add some clarity to the diverse activity of enkephalins in association with enzyme cleavage of those molecules.

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Imunološki zavod d.d.,
Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb

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