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Critical Revolutionary Pedagogy is Made by Walking: In a World Where Many Worlds Coexist

McLaren, Peter; Jandrić, Petar
Critical Revolutionary Pedagogy is Made by Walking: In a World Where Many Worlds Coexist // Policy Futures in Education, 12 (2014), 6; 805-831 doi:10.2304/pfie.2014.12.6.805 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Critical Revolutionary Pedagogy is Made by Walking: In a World Where Many Worlds Coexist

McLaren, Peter ; Jandrić, Petar

Policy Futures in Education (1478-2103) 12 (2014), 6; 805-831

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Critical pedagogy; information technology

This conversation is the first systemic attempt to capture Peter McLaren’s ideas about the relationships between critical revolutionary pedagogy and virtuality. It introduces the main problems with educational postmodernism, explains Peter’s return towards the Marxist-humanist trajectory, and addresses contemporary challenges to Marx’s dialectical thought. It analyses global changes in the structure of production, and juxtaposes the mass society shaped by one-way media such as television with the network society shaped by bi-directi onal communication powered by the Internet. The conversation reveals critical potentials of ecop edagogy at the intersections between education and information and communication technologies and analyses the main messages from Ivan Illich. It explores the main features of the emerging digital cultures, identifies underlying values and ideologies, and links them to the divisions between the global South and the global North. It analyses distinct features of contemporary youth movements and revisits the emerging transformations of the concept of the state. It looks into the relationships between information and power, explores algorithmic regulation through technological innovation, and analyses various challenges pertaining to ‘big data’. Finally, it provides a brief insight into Peter McLaren’s modus operandi and his personal thoughts and feelings about information and communication technologies.

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Informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti, Pedagogija


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Petar Jandrić, (330844)

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