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Utjecaj toka dolazaka brodova na opterećenje slagališta kontejnerskog terminala

Oblak, Renato; Hess, Svjetlana
Utjecaj toka dolazaka brodova na opterećenje slagališta kontejnerskog terminala // Scientific Journal of Maritime Research, 25 (2011), 2; 433-443 (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Utjecaj toka dolazaka brodova na opterećenje slagališta kontejnerskog terminala
(Influence of arrival process of ships on loading of yards at container terminal)

Oblak, Renato ; Hess, Svjetlana

Scientific Journal of Maritime Research (1332-0718) 25 (2011), 2; 433-443

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Radovi u časopisima, pregledni rad, znanstveni

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Arrival processes; container terminal; load of yards

Container ports allow container ships to carry out the loading and unloading of containers. The construction of port facilities is expensive, and during the performance of the transshipment vessels occur with certain delays. This is manifested in a certain time mode of the port facilities caused or with irregular arrivals of the ships or with waiting for the cargo loading/unloading procedure to start. However, waiting for the ship to start the transshipment processes is also expensive hence the common interest of the port and the shipping companies to minimize the number and length of time waiting for ships. This paper explores the impact of the ship arrivals to the loading of container terminal yards in Rijeka, with respect that these capacities have a limited space, as well as limited port facilities and reloading equipment. There are three possible arrival processes in which container ships can arrive at the berth: warehouse controlled, uniform and uncontrolled arrivals. The paper deals with the real data obtained from the records of the container transport and of the loading conditions of container yards in the port of Rijeka. Tenets models are proposed for monitoring the load capacity of the terminal.

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Hrvatski, engleski

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Tehnologija prometa i transport


Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka

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Svjetlana Hess, (245991)

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