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Business Logistics in Modern Management

Segetlija, Zdenko; Mesarić, Josip; Dujak, Davor; Karić, Marijan; Potočan, Vojko; Rosi, Bojan; Jereb, Borut; Trauzettel Volker
Business Logistics in Modern Management, 2014. (editors of proceedings).

Business Logistics in Modern Management

Segetlija, Zdenko ; Mesarić, Josip ; Dujak, Davor ; Karić, Marijan ; Potočan, Vojko ; Rosi, Bojan ; Jereb, Borut ; Trauzettel Volker

Ekonomski fakultet u Osijeku

Vrsta, podvrsta
Ostale vrste radova, editors of proceedings


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Inventoty management; retail operations; retail supply chain; online retail; retail reading packaging; internationalization; logistic network

As the world economy is slowly recovering from years of crisis, business logistics continues to strengthen its position as the key rationalization and developing business function - both at the level of one economic entity and in the context of the entire supply chain who now know no boundaries. Continuing the respectable tradition, 14th International Scientific Conference Business Logistics in Modern Management once again explores the scientific and technical challenges within the different areas of logistics and supply chain management. Of particular importance is the fact that this year the Conference has highly emphasized international character due to scientific and professional contributions achieved through 17 papers and 33 authors from 10 countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia). Certain papers in this publication are the continuation of the ERASMUS collaboration and other projects between scientists from the Faculty of Economics in Osijek and scientists from institutions of higher education in Pforzheim, Celje, Szeged, Poznan and Subotica. In accordance with the growing importance of logistics in retailing, the largest number of papers is in the first thematic block with the same name. The section starts with a paper which is seeking for optimal strategy of stocking of retail outlets. It continues with discussion about space and technology developments and efficiency in retail trade, folowed by paper on logistical challenges and potentials in multi-channel food retailing & distribution. Furthermore, authors discuss issues of retail ready packaging in food manufacturing industry, new scopes of retail internationalization, logistic distribution centers as business success factor, and modern developments in distributive trade. Second thematic block is devoted to supply chain management from information and comunication technology view and to supply chain security issue. Authors present interesting joint maturity model of business inteligence driven supply chain, followed by paper about changes of supply chain management in the information technology industry and its relation to sustainable development, and by paper that emphasize charachteristics of supply chain management in the global electronic market. Here are also papers on influence of authorized economic operators on supply chain security, and on packaging quality assurance in supply chain. Last section, called logistics in theory and practice, starts with a comparative literature analysis of definitions for logistics that aims to provide general definition of logistics, as well as definition of logistics subcategories. Next paper talks about firms' logistics capabilities for increasing international competitiveness. Besides, there are two case study papers concerning efficiency of cargo tram for city logistics compared to road freight transportation in Istanbul ; and new distribution channels in historical city cores in the Adriatic region. We conclude whole publication with analysis of logistics education at Cracow University of Economics. Finally, we would like to thank the Faculty of Economics in Osijekas the organizer, and to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, who have both supported the maintenance of this Conference. Likewise, we would like to offer a sincere thanks to international reviewing committee for their contribution in improving the scientific quality of this publication.

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