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The New Strategic Orientation in Innovating Hospitality Logistics System

Stipanović, Christian; Rudan, Elena
The New Strategic Orientation in Innovating Hospitality Logistics System // Tourism and hospitality management, 20 (2014), 2; 195-206 (recenziran, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni)

The New Strategic Orientation in Innovating Hospitality Logistics System

Stipanović, Christian ; Rudan, Elena

Tourism and hospitality management (1330-7533) 20 (2014), 2; 195-206

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Strategic orientations ; innovation ; logistics processes ; knowledge

This paper defines ways how to innovate logistics processes in order to achieve spatio - temporal transformation of resource base (raw materials, energy, technology, financial capital and in particular knowledge and information as a key resource) into competitive advantages based on innovation and quality. Economic goal of modern logistics based on knowledge is to provide a unique experience for tourists at minimum cost in order to multiply operational profit. Operational profit has to be largely reinvested in new intangible resources generating excellence and recognizability of hospitality services. The paper defines current and future ways of logistics processes optimization as well as strategies in the hospitality industry aimed at generating excellence both for tourists and sustainable development. It analyzes the role of knowledge management in the reconception of logistics processes (analysis of the current situation, defining the overall objectives and logistics, innovation strategy) based on the new strategic orientations (benchmarking, business intelligence, CRM, SRM, TQM, reengineering) in synergy with other business processes involved in the transformation of a classical company into a learning organization. The paper analyzes critically recent scientific literature and practical examples (various forms of Croatian hotels and hospitality companies and determines the views of the authors referring to the new qualitative trends of modern logistics and sustainable value chain (economic, social and environmental component) and excellence as a prerequisite for the development of a hospitality company. The paper emphasizes the importance of intangible resources (transformation process datum - information - knowledge) in new qualitative trends used in logistics management processes in order to solve specific problem situations in practice. The paper suggests and provides arguments for concrete proposals applied in optimization of logistics processes based on knowledge and information (risk management in generating business decisions) and raises questions to anticipate future changes (influence of changes referring to tourists’ preferences, behaviour of competitors, distributors and changes in economic and social environment) in the development of logistics processes and strategies.

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Fakultet za menadžment u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu, Opatija,
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