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Retrofit of a Roller Brake Tester at FAMENA

Božić, Mladen; Vučetić, Ante; Ilinčić, Petar; Lulić, Zoran
Retrofit of a Roller Brake Tester at FAMENA // Transactions of FAMENA, 3 (2014), 95-102 (recenziran, članak, stručni)

Retrofit of a Roller Brake Tester at FAMENA

Božić, Mladen ; Vučetić, Ante ; Ilinčić, Petar ; Lulić, Zoran

Transactions of FAMENA (1333-1124) 3 (2014); 95-102

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Vehicle; Brake test; Wheel Force; LabVIEW

The vehicle brake tester described in this paper is placed in the Laboratory for IC Engines and Motor Vehicles at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FAMENA) in Zagreb. As the device, built in 1983, was inoperative, a decision was made for retrofit rather than repair. The retrofit included a reconstruction of some parts and modification of the braking force measurement. Adaptation of monitoring and control was made on electronic components that control the roller set during the manual and the automatic operation. Using the LabVIEW programming software [1], our team created a computer program for monitoring the positioning of a vehicle on the device, the measuring of vehicle mass needed for the calculation of braking coefficient, the control of operating mode (automatic or manual) and the start/stop mode of electro motors inside the device.

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Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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