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Physiological characteristics of prospective alpine skiers

Matković, Branka; Matković, Bojan; Ivanek, Miroslav
Physiological characteristics of prospective alpine skiers // Collegium antropologicum, 18 (1994), S1; 51-55 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Physiological characteristics of prospective alpine skiers

Matković, Branka ; Matković, Bojan ; Ivanek, Miroslav

Collegium antropologicum (0350-6134) 18 (1994), S1; 51-55

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Alpine skiing ; skiers ; children ; physiology

The purpose of this study was to estimate the physiological characteristics of perspective alpine skiers. Seventeen perspective, perspective according to the opinion of their choaches and experts in Croatian Ski Federation, skiers, boys at the age span 15-17 years, were involved in the investigation. Body height and mass and spirometric parametars were measured. Maximal oxygen intake and the other spiroergometric variables were measured directly during the continious progressive test on a treadmill. The strengh of four attempted movements was measured as well as the speed of dominant leg. According to the Rohrer and Kahlstorf's method (modificated according to Musshoff and Reindell-Medved, 1987) heart volume, absolute and relative, was determinated. The obtained data were submitted to the standard statistucal methods to determine descriptive parameters. 177.0 cm tall and 67.3 kg heavy skiers had on average FVC of 6.0 l and FEV1 5.4 l (90%). The average value of our examinees hart volume (9465 ml) is above the average values of nonathletes. This is particulary shown in the values of relative heart volume which is 12.3. The average value of the heart volume quotient is very good (35.6) and indicates good economy and functional capability of cardiovascular and cardiopulmonar systems, what is also shown from the values of oxygen pulse (26 8). Absolute (3.86 l/min) and relative (57.4 ml/kg/min) maximal oxygen intake are significantly higher than mean values in normal population of the same age span

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Na stranici casopisa ( na navedenim stranicama (51-55) je rad pod naslovom "Morphological Characteristics of Prospective Alpine Skiers", a koji je objavljen (naveden) i na str. 47-51 (?).


Kineziološki fakultet, Zagreb

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