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Numerous landslides and landslide restorations – an example

Soldo, Božo; Ivandić, Krešo; Orešković, Matija
Numerous landslides and landslide restorations – an example // Acta montanistica Slovaca, 17 (2012), 4; 257-262 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Numerous landslides and landslide restorations – an example

Soldo, Božo ; Ivandić, Krešo ; Orešković, Matija

Acta montanistica Slovaca (1335-1788) 17 (2012), 4; 257-262

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Landslides; Infiltration; Site investigations; Construction; Restoration concepts

Numerous landslides appeared in a smaller area of north-western Croatia during a short span of time ; in a large number of cases these landslides infringed upon local roads, public objects and other landscape. As is well known, the phenomenon of multiple landslides is connected to specific hydrometeorological features of the period, but also with geotechnical sensibilities of the terrain, which has a bearing on destabilizing factors. As this high number of landslides was previously unheard of, the action of preparing documentation for their restorations was also quick and arduous. A high level of systematization and a plan involving the approach to solving the problem as a whole and in phases is necessary for any mass-restoration/reconstruction approach. The paper deals with the characteristics of landslides in the examined area, with cause(s) of appearance of these numerous landslides, with investigations and restorations of landslides, and with additional notes to keep in mind when examining the problem and constructing the solution. Geometry, geological content, frequent geotechnical characteristics, etc. will be described as landslide characteristics. These hydrometeorological causes will be examined more closely through time. Familiarizing with multi-landslide locations, i.e. making the correct diagnosis is then followed by mass restoration. In order for restoration to be successful, one must set a good concept of effectiveness -which is arrived at through correct analysis of area characteristics. The paper also describes the chosen ways of restoration/reconstruction, emphasizing that these were solutions minimizing possibilities of errors in mass restoration.

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Geologija, Arhitektura i urbanizam, Građevinarstvo


Geodetski fakultet, Zagreb

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