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Talent - Croatian expert system for talent scouting in sport

Burger, Ante; Jukić, Josefina; Čavala, Marijana; Kovačević, Željko; Rogulj, Nenad
Talent - Croatian expert system for talent scouting in sport // Identifying Champion / Bourdon, Pitre (ur.).
Doha, Qatar: Aspire Academy, 2014. str. 11-11 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Talent - Croatian expert system for talent scouting in sport

Burger, Ante ; Jukić, Josefina ; Čavala, Marijana ; Kovačević, Željko ; Rogulj, Nenad

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Identifying Champion / Bourdon, Pitre - Doha, Qatar : Aspire Academy, 2014, 11-11

Talent Identification Conference

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Doha, Qatar, 02-04.04.2014

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Talent; motor abilities; sport

Based on the knowledge of 107 excellent sport experts, various motor skills tests, morphological characteristics measurements and functional tests are quantized according to their importance for a chosen set of 15 different sports. The obtained values entered the knowledge database along with the grades of the measured results for each test. Fuzzy logic is implemented in order to make the system more flexible and robust. The whole system is web- oriented, i.e. developed ASP.NET application is available to the Internet users with a proper login and password. The developed expert system gives reliable prediction and proposal for the most suitable sports for the person tested. With the purpose of establishing normative values of anthropological features in children in Split region, which are the basis of the expert system, we conducted a number of preliminary researches to analyse their motor, morphological and functional characteristics. This research analyses the level of six basic motor abilities (speed, explosive power, coordination, agility, flexibility and equilibrium) and determined appropriate normative values. The research was done on the sample of 328 boys aged 7-9. We calculated the average results value and relative development index of the motor abilities obtained as the relation between the partial and summed up standardized values (rm). The obtained results show that children from the Split region have equally developed motor abilities, which are good preconditions for efficiency in various sports. A slight domination of equilibrium and speed reveals greater predisposition in children from this area for sport activities requiring a high level of speed, agility and equilibrium, such as sport games and anaerobic cyclical activities.

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315-0000000-1811 - Otkrivanje talenata u sportu (Nenad Rogulj, )

Kineziološki fakultet, Split